Wounds to Wings


Activate the Sovereign Woman Within

Remember, Reclaim and Reactivate Your Authentic Feminine Power

March, 2022

Because you don’t want to keep asleep the magnificent woman that you have forgotten you actually are

Current events have made even clearer that the world is in liminal space: between what was and what is yet to become.

AND we have the most powerful weapon in favor of peace and justice: women remembering, reclaiming and reactivating the authentic power of the Divine Feminine.

If you are done
pretending to be someone you are not (a nice girl, a rule follower, an "achiever"),
fitting in the old system,
it's time to get out of your own way,
stop sabotaging, overthinking or downplaying your magnificence. 

It is time to heal our old wounds and grow new wings, the wings of the Divine Feminine. 

It's time for a new paradigm to emerge. Big results come from showing up in a more authentic way. Ten visionary women and your host Blanca Vergara will help you do exactly that. 

  • Claim full sovereignty without mom's nagging voice in your head
  • Awaken the "more" that lies sleeping within you, that once unleashed will rock the world in amazement
  • Transform the dark night of the world into the birth of most powerful and authentic YOU

The Wounds to Wings Summit will inspire, educate and give you tools to unleash the person you came here to BE!

Conversations and powerful wisdom for your leadership awakening journey

Day 1

The Traumatised Soul of Humanity:
Its Origin and Its Healing

Anne Baring MA PhD

Women Rising
It's time

Faye Blake

Positive Menstrual Culture and
the Divine Feminine

Jane Bennett

Day 2

Personal and Planetary Crisis caused by the Pandemic
On the threshold between what was and what could be

Jean Shinoda Bolen MD

Real Time Work with
My Strega Great Grandmother

Theresa Dintino

The Womb Throat Connection &
How to Voice Our Truth

Nadine Kuehn

Peace with your past: transform that inner heaviness into a bright and soulful life.

Iris Wangermann

Day 3

Your Epic Journey
of Transformation

Susanna Liller

We Come from the Stars: Reconnecting with our Galactic Heritage

Veronica Goodchild PhD

It's time to stop using the "P" word, instead focus on uniting polarities

Anne van der Giessen

Inside every woman lives a goddess.

Yes, also inside of you.

She is not afraid of storms.

She is the storm.

She doesn't need safety.

Nothing can touch her.

She's infinite.

A goddess is in control, knowing that no matter what comes her way, it's always an opportunity for growth and expansion.

Let's wake up that magnificent Goddess that sleeps inside you.


Archetype Activations

At the end of each day experience an embodied meditation as a way
to activate a different archetype of the Divine Feminine

Day 1

Wild Woman

From Shame
to Abundance

Day 3

The Warrior

From Fear
to Fire

Day 3

The Medicine Woman

From Anxiety
to Assertiveness

It's a wonderful safe space for women from all walks of life to connect, engage, feel safe, and feel heard.

Sydney Thomas

The once concretized stone mothers of yore are waking up in the psyche of modern men and women. Here is a place of affirmation as we midwife the new consciousness arising from within the ground of our beingness.

Tanya Hurst

I know a lot has been written about the sacred feminine but this is the first time, in the presence of other women - because of the presence of other women - that I felt her! And extraordinary event that called for that presence to be among us. Blanca is such an authentic convener of the Goddess.

Susanna Liller

It is a gathering of wise women in search of the divine feminine within and in the collective.

Joyce Brady

It had fascinating and inspiring women speakers & there was so much HEART 

Irize Loots

It's always a good thing to know yourself better through other women

Marga Jongsma

Its a place of welcome, inclusion, love and joy

Jenny Cox

This event was authentic, filled with wise wisdom from beautiful powerfilled women. It was clearly created from badass, divine  love

Tami Stone

The wisdom of these women that Blanca has the power to bring together is not to be missed!

Faye Blake

Meet your event guide: Blanca Vergara

Hello and welcome!
I'm so happy to see you here!
I know it's not a coincidence.
I've been in very dark places and found my way back to calm, confidence and power.
I have sailed through 20+ years of leadership experience in male dominated environments, anorexia, sexual assault, bullying, burnout, depression, and more.
I would like to share my secrets with you so you can break the chain of what has kept women small and write a new dream life chapter starting now!
Together with 10 outstanding teachers I share with you the first steps. Great meeting you!