Veronica Goodchild

Veronica Goodchild, PhD, is Professor Emerita at Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Educated in London and the USA, she is a teacher, Jungian psychotherapist, and author. Led by dreams, she has explored sacred sites in England, France, Greece, Peru, and Egypt. Walking one of the Camino paths in France inspired her to create her own pilgrimage journeys to develop a more conscious relationship with our Earth, together with the mythic and archetypal stories that underly many shrines, temples, and oracular sites. These journeys have included the Magdalene Mysteries in France, the Bee priestess Oracular tradition in Crete and mainland Greece, and the Grail and Celtic legends in the UK. A recent trip to Egypt has rekindled an abiding interest in our galactic and cosmic origins.  Veronica is the author of Songlines of the Soul: Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century, and Eros and Chaos: The Sacred Mysteries and Dark Shadows of Love. Veronica lives in SW France.