Wounds to Wings


Activate the Sovereign Woman Within

Remember, Reclaim and Reactivate Your Authentic Feminine Power

Day 1

The Traumatised Soul of Humanity:
Its Origin and Its Healing

Anne Baring MA PhD

Women Rising
It's time

Faye Blake

Positive Menstrual Culture and
the Divine Feminine

Jane Bennett

Wild Woman Archetype Activation

Blanca Vergara

Day 2

Personal and Planetary Crisis caused by the Pandemic: On the threshold between what was and what could be

Jean Shinoda Bolen MD

Real Time Work with
My Strega  Great Grandmother

Theresa Dintino

The Womb Throat Connection
How to Voice Our Truth

Nadine Kuehn

Peace with your past: transform that inner heaviness into a bright and soulful life.

Iris Wangermann

The Warrior Archetype Activation

Blanca Vergara

Day 3

Your Epic Journey
of Transformation

Susanna Liller

We Come from the Stars: Reconnecting with our Galactic Heritage

Veronica Goodchild PhD

It's time to stop using the "P" word, instead focus on uniting polarities

Anne van der Giessen

Medicine Music:
Wounds to Wings Song

Eva Blum

Would you like to go deeper?

My dear sister,
What a delight co-creating with you this edition of the the Wounds to wings Summit. 
If you would like to verbally process the insights after this event, please don't hesitate to have a conversation with me. I would be delighted to hold the space for you to further integrate the poetic powerful paradox that you are. 
Let's talk!
With love,