Wounds to Wings


Activate the Sovereign Woman Within

Remember, Reclaim and Reactivate Your Authentic Feminine Power

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Day 1 - March 7

The Traumatised Soul of Humanity:
Its Origin and Its Healing

Anne Baring MA PhD

The Dream of the Cosmos is the story of a multi-layered quest to understand the causes of human suffering and to reconnect with a deeper reality than the one we inhabit in this physical dimension of reality. It seeks to answer the questions: "Who are we?" and "Why are we here, on this planet?"

Women Rising
It's time

Faye Blake

Faye is happy to tell people where Ceres is in their chart if they give her their birth data and then we can refer to this post.

Positive Menstrual Culture and
the Divine Feminine

Jane Bennett

How we imagine cultural change impacts our ability to make it happen. This beautiful A3 poster gives a powerful description of what a positive menstrual culture will look and feel like. You are welcome to share this with others and multiply the positive, sensible and practical affects of enabling a positive menstrual culture in your community.

Day 2 - March 8

Personal and Planetary Crisis caused by the Pandemic: On the threshold between what was and what could be

Jean Shinoda Bolen MD

Downloadable and printable PDF of an original poem by Jean Shinoda Bolen

Real Time Work with
My Strega Great Grandmother

Theresa Dintino

An Offering for your at my shrine

Send me your first name and the name of an ancestress in the spirit world you would like to connect with (or deepen your connection with). It does need to be a biological ancestress. I will ask what to offer and make that offering onto my shrine to the Goddess and female ancestors. As I make the offering, I will ask for the way to be opened for this connection to occur as I state both of your names. I will email you to let you know when I am doing it. I will only make this simple offering. I will not ask for information about you or pry into your life in any way. I am just intending to open a connection for you and your ancestress, to open the way.

I will not add you to my mailing list. You can do that yourself if it something you want.

The Womb Throat Connection &
How to Voice Our Truth

Nadine Kuehn

"Good girls don't get angry." But what happened to that anger when you felt it but couldn't express it? - You're right, it got stored within. It's still there, waiting to be seen. In this mini series, I'll show you how you can harness the power of your anger in a safe, embodied, and respectful way, busting the myths and making peace with your anger, so that it can actually serve you.

Peace with your past: transform that inner heaviness into a bright and soulful life.

Iris Wangermann

I would like to offer a free 30 minute break through session. I have 25 spots and would kindly ask the people to fill in this form

For German Speakers

Transform your inner heaviness into a bright an easy life flow. How to find the key for a joyful life in your past and within nature.
Are you ready to transform your ancestral trauma? Join here our Free Workshop, March 17th

Day 3 - March 9

Your Epic Journey
of Transformation

Susanna Liller

Get my free circle worksheet and masterclass to learn how to manifest (and actually RECEIVE) your biggest needs and wants! 

We Come from the Stars: Reconnecting with our Galactic Heritage

Veronica Goodchild PhD

An unpublished paper of mine written in 2003 on the primacy of the spiritual imagination and the irruption of the imaginal world into our world during this time in our history when one era is ending and another world is being born.  I recount a UFO encounter and its period of missing time, and claim that the subtle world between spirit and matter - what Jung calls 'unus mundus' and quantum physicist, Wolfgang Pauli calls 'psychophysical reality' - is giving us important clues to values that are coming in the new era. Many traditions cross-culturally know these subtle realms well and even have names for their 'mystical cities.'

It's time to stop using the "P" word, instead focus on uniting polarities

Anne van der Giessen

Anne works with not just the mind, but also has a broad knowledge of the human body and the key systems that need to be kept in check to keep you functioning well. If you're someone who experiences too much stress, you can benefit from downloading Anne's guide which includes 6 of her favourite stress management tips which can help you create more calm in your mind, using the body as an access point.

Medicine Music: Wounds to Wings Song

Beautiful woman,
Come walk with me
Footsteps ‘round the fire
It’s time to be free

From Ancestral stories
Crying in your bones
Your fathers fathers pain
Became your own

Put down shame
Heavy as a stone
(Give it)To the water
Bring freedom to your bones

In your heart’s a crystal
Bird that sings-
Put down your sorrow,
Turn your wounds to wings

Would you like to go deeper?

My dear sister,
What a delight co-creating with you this edition of the the Wounds to wings Summit. 
If you would like to verbally process the insights after this event, please don't hesitate to have a conversation with me. I would be delighted to hold the space for you to further integrate the poetic powerful paradox that you are. 
Let's talk!
With love,